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March 31, 2006

“Here's a great shot of Donnelly doing the Hoanie...”

Dapper Roddy Donnelly doing the Hoanie

OK, so sometimes months go by before I add something to the GE web. Well, sheesh...waddya want? It's been off the air for seven years! However, I was cleaning out my filing cabinet recently and some precious documents tumbled out - original scripts from Townbeat!. Not just the shooting script, but early drafts, stuff cut from the final show, and more.... [more]

October 23, 2005

“Just down the hallway and Death to America....”

We wrap up the Sunny Days and Nights episodes finally with episodes 7 though 10. Many memorable moments... [more]

June 13, 2005

“They're eating tunnels in your skin as we speak....”

Paul suffers the indignity of Stang's Burrowing Rasp Mites.... [more]

June 12, 2005

“What do you know about addiction...?”

Julie gets the lowdown on Paul’s numerous cross-addictions during the long drive up to The Reservoir... [more]

June 6, 2005

“Rinds, smokies...a jar of balls...”

You asked for it — you get it. Well, a year later.... This week, we begin the Sunny Days and Nights Episode Archive — the first of ten episodes of 2004’s CBC summer replacement show featuring Paul Moth and the creative team of the Great Eastern.... [more]

What's This?

This is an archive of episodes, audio clips, graphics and documents collected during my five years of maintaining a web site for the radio program The Great Eastern. Every episode of the program is available for download.

The Great Eastern — Newfoundland’s Cultural Magazine, started as an hour-long summer replacement on CBC Radio in 1994 and since 1996 was a half-hour program on the regular Saturday morning schedule. Despite critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base, the CBC effectively cancelled the show after the 1998-99 season.

The Great Eastern was created and written by Mack Furlong, Ed Riche and Steve Palmer, and produced by Glen Tilley. [PHOTO]

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